Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Technology Free Fitness!

It's my yearly blog post!  Wahoo!

I've become obsessed with numbers and all the new technology of everything fitness related.  I've got several fitness apps on my phone, I've gone through several fitness watches.  Which I will say I've loved my fit bit.

It has encouraged me to find ways to get the steps in.  I've become fixated on the 20,000 steps a day number.  There have been studies saying they aren't always accurate so I figured 20,000 was a safe number to make sure I was getting plenty of active steps in.

So to the point.  Yesterday my beloved fit bit died and I accidentally left the charger at home in Vegas.  So my arm feels a little naked today not having it on.  I've been reflecting on how I've become a sucker for all things fitness related.

The last few years have been a little bit of a struggle in that I had some seriously painful back issues and just last year a simple knee surgery.  I've still been active which is what I enjoy.  However it has been occasionally frustrating knowing that my pace has slowed way down and that well basically I feel old. :) I can feel all of the aches and pains a lot more now and it is more difficult to do things.  Which in turn affects my motivation.  I'm coming to know the aging process, and it is oh so fun.  ;)

So all of this reflecting has led me to this conclusion.  I'm going technology free for fitness!  I'm going to listen to my body and focus on minutes active rather than distance, steps, pace, competing with friends on apps, etc. I'm kind of excited.  I limited myself on activities based on my fit bit because I wanted to make sure I got my steps in.  For example I couldn't go swimming with my fit bit so what was the point of  doing that.  (Swimming is great for people with back problems).  I have been too stubborn at getting those steps in.  So I'm excited.  I think it will be tough for me not to track everything since I have been doing it for so long.

Also I have tried nutri system, and had friends have meal plans created for them, and I recently looked at the popular blue apron 'like' sites, where you get fresh food delivered to you.  Can I just say, "YUCK!"  who wants to eat weeds!  And it is so expensive.  So here is my other idea.  I'm no cooking expert, but I have learned a few healthy eating habits.  So the other side of it is that I think I may use this blog to 1. Keep myself accountable for the technology free fitness, and 2.  Share healthy eating tips, recipes, etc.

I'm hoping that by doing this it will help to keep me motivated for fitness, and nutrition.  I know there are about two people who may follow this blog, but please feel free to share your recipes and ideas as well.  My track record for posting on this blog is about once a year so I guess I'll see how well this idea plays out! :)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Being Single over the Holidays. 🙄👍🏻

I’m 33, Mormon, single, and currently sitting in my parents basement over thanksgiving break with nothing better to do then write rough drafts of what it’s like being single for me.


Lets throw it back to when I was 14 or so laughing and giggling with my two best friends in Young Women’s.  That was the life.  Care free, no clue what the future would hold, but loving and eating up the idea that we would all get married when we were 18 or so and have our own families.(Oh the stories and life lessons we have all learned up to this point…and none of us followed ‘the plan’)


I think my disasters of dating started all the way back then as well.  My first “kiss” was in the back of one of my friend’s parent’s station wagon.  We had just got done Roller Skating.  The kiss was a dare from our friends so of course we couldn’t back down.  (so telling of my life and not backing down from challenges or things people thought I couldn’t do). We pecked each other on the lips and that was that.  We never did it again.  I had a weird kid in our church group that chased me around a corn maze and let me know how much he liked me.  I had crushes on my friend’s brothers.  


I actually did date someone in High school.  He was a kind boy.  But even that situation had its own disasters.  He asked me to prom with a note he put in a cheeseburger he had bought me at Wendy’s.  He forgot money to the prom so I actually ended up paying.  We went to a drive in movie after I had gotten sunburned after swimming.  He proceeded to put is arm around my sun burned back and I did everything I could to stop myself from throwing his arm off of me and punching him.  Poor innocent, stupid me thought, I like him, and didn’t say one thing to him.  I’m rolling my eyes right now.


Don’t worry it gets better in college. I tried to sort of date my friends brother.  Our parents were all for it.  Me?  Not so much.  I don’t do well when thing are not my idea or things are somewhat forced upon me.  Luckily college had opportunities to meet several great guys.  Some guys I fell for, some didn’t fall for me.  I guess that’s the beast of dating.  I had fun with guys, pretending and pulling pranks at ward prayer, starting rumors that one of the guys had proposed to me with his high school class ring.  I was pretty ridiculous.  And so were they for suggesting such silly things.  I dated another guy for a while, and it wasn’t until he was severely against me even thinking of going on a mission and me praying about it and knowing that I should go that things ended.  


Pause for a mission,  (wonderful experience I can’t leave that out) Now I’m back!  I’m heading to Las Vegas to do my student teaching!  I end up dating a guy I casually dated in college before the mission that was in Vegas doing student teaching as well.  I really fell for this guy.  Before I knew it we were casually talking about the possibilities of getting married.   Then the next thing I knew I was finding out things I wasn’t ok with.  I had close friends say he would get an occasional alcoholic drink.  He was spending a lot of time with a female coworker.  Things started to not feel right.  I talked to him about things and he got really defensive and called me self -righteous for even mentioning those concerns.  It hurt I cried and took a long time getting over it and moving on, but I did.


Then along came another charmer.  He was funny.  I met him while I was home one summer in Idaho.  We had really fun time together and laughed and laughed and laughed about anything and everything.  He came to Vegas several times and when I was in Idaho I would see him.  Here is the trick about long distance.  It’s hard to make it work if both people aren’t fully invested.  I quickly learned I wasn’t as invested.


There are so many more, but I’ll try to summarize most of them, the guy that moved across the country to date me.  That was overwhelming.  The online dating guys are crazy lets just not even go there.  Can I just say creepers!  Please don’t be a creep and ask creepy things.  The In and Out burger guy, he was way to young.  Bankrupt guy. First Friday guy, not Mormon guy, boating guy, travel guy, attached at the hip guy, ask to get married after two dates guy, and Alaska guy.


I’m not writing all of this to be a Debbie downer or to brag.  I’m just starting with the fact I’ve had opportunities to date, and ‘they’ a large majority of them have been a disaster.  Obviously it isn’t always their fault.  I’m quite the unique, and independent person, so it makes things a little difficult.


Let me get to a little meatier conversation.  To all of you single people out there.  IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD TO BE SINGLE.  I’ve experienced the young single adult scene and now I’ve put in a year at the mid single scene.  I’ve seen a lot of things.  I’ve seen people date and break up, I’ve seen people get married and then divorced within the same year, I’ve seen people married and have children right away, and some not.  I’ve seen a lot of heart ache because of poor choices or other peoples choices or no ones fault at all, I’ve seen great people hardly date at all, and I’ve seen a lot of joy.  I’ve seen a lot of weirdness.  


I’ll admit I’m the last person that should give advice on dating and marriage.  But I’m going to give it to you anyway.  Please don’t rush things.  My new favorite quote, “If you force a fart other stuff is going to come out.”  It’strue!  Don’t rush things or force things to happen.  Most importantly listen to the spirit.  Make sure it is the spirit and not just infatuation, or lust.  Do a little refresher course on fruits of the spirit.


By no means am I trying to discourage people from getting married, I am just hoping that people will be smart about it.  It is a big eternal consequence decision. Secondly I have watched and observed a lot of marriages and how people interact.  Marriage is hard.  It is not for the faint of heart.  To be completely honest, I see some of these examples of marriage and it makes me grateful I am still single.  That is not what I want out of a marriage, but I also realize I will have to work really hard to follow the example of those peoples marriages that I respect and love and want to try to replicate.

One thing I did want to touch on is allowing our selves to be vulnerable.  Not in a bad way to be taken advantage of, but to be open to be out of our comfort zone.  It is easy to push aside things that are out of our comfort zone because we are comfortable.  This is something I struggle with.  If it isn’t inside my box of ideas, I tend to push it far aside.  A lot of times, pushing people or ideas away has worked out for the best for me, so it is hard to push myself past my limits when it comes to people.  I will say that people have failed me in the past so it is hard to put trust in people for me.


Lastly, while it is not ideal that I am not married.  I am at peace with it.  At times it is discouraging, lonely, sad, and frustrating trying to get people to understand where I am coming from.(especially family and friends).  Overall like I said before I am at peace with it.  I’ve had amazing opportunities and learned some irreplaceable life lessons and I personally believe I’ve become a better person from it all.


I will keep going to my mid singles ward every Sunday where we have more than enough social oddities to keep me entertained.  I’ll keep going to family home evening activities to keep me in the right frame of mind.  I’ll keep spending holidays with my family when I rather be off traveling to avoid the single conversations and fact that I feel like at times I have minimal things in common with some of my siblings and their families and their unique circumstances that keep themselves involved and busy with their own families.  So I’ll help when and where I can.  I’ll continue to enjoy my life.  I’ll enjoy my friends, I’ll enjoy the fun times at work, I’ll continue to date, I’ll continue to travel and find fun things to do.  I’ll continue to serve where ever and however I can.  I’ll continue to go to the temple, pray and read my scriptures so that I can stay close to the spirit.  I’m single.  I’m not dead, or dying.  


This is a small slice of my single life.  I know we each have different lives and trials.  I truly believe each of our lives are handcrafted and personally tailored to us.  So all though you may be married you may have other struggles to manage and deal with.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times.  We are all here to help each other.  Lets not get so self -absorbed that we forget to help the people around us even our own family members.  This life was never meant to be easy.  Don’t be takers only, but be givers.  Even if it’s a listening ear or a meager smile, do something to help someone else in this game called life.  We all need the encouragement and help.  


I will end with my favorite quote by president Gordon B. Hinckley.  “Life is to be enjoyed not just endured.”


I look back on all of my experiences and can laugh and see how each one of theses situations have helped me progress in life.  Don’t forget to laugh; it keeps you young. 😂

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I'm at war with my physical body.  I will forever be young in my heart and my mind.  I just need to get my physical body on board with this plan.  Recently I have had the worst most insane pain that I have ever experienced.  Side note I haven't experienced a lot of pain so I don't have a lot to compare it to.  However this pain is pretty legit.  Sciatica or something like that.  So this pain shoots down the lower right side of my body almost paralyzingly my entire right leg.  It's a pretty funky feeling.  I have a hard time sleeping at night and sitting longer that 2 minutes.  Luckily I am feeling some improvements.  And sometimes briefly forget about the pain for a few minutes.  Today I was finally able to get an MRI scheduled.  Hopefully that will help in the information I need to go from here.  It's been an adventure.  I was able to get a blessing last night and all though I was in a bit of pain sitting for the blessing it was comforting.  I think back on it often.  This was definitely not my plan, but I'm willing to learn what Heavenly Father wants me to learn from this situation.  I have been grateful that I have been able to find ways to cope with the pain as it comes and goes.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Race director!

Well I decided a side job that I would love to do is to be a Race director/creator.  There is such a job isn't there?  I'm still learning that there is a lot that goes into it.  This is my second year doing the doughnut dash and I'm learning so much!  I only hope we make some good money for the soccer team, and that we get more participation.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Isn't it ironic?

Lately, I've noticed something a little odd.  I, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have chosen to live by certain standards and morals.  Pretty simple statement you would think. Right?!  I have found something very interesting.  My friends that are not of the same faith, respect and hold me to a higher standard than some of those in my own faith.  (Key word:  some). I have frequently found myself lately defending simple righteous choices I have chosen to try to bring myself closer to Christ and to be closer to the spirit, and I have almost been mocked and felt inferior or not cool because of those choices by members of my own faith.  What is wrong with this picture?  I am trying to be level headed and see both sides to the story.  Do they feel guilty for doing the things I have chosen not to do? Do they feel like I am judging them?  I honestly don't really understand.  I am disappointed that I have to defend my self and my righteous desires.  However I am reminded of the saying 'be in the world and not of the world.'  That standing for righteousness sometimes means standing alone.  Don't get me wrong.  I also have friends who are supportive and loving as well.  I guess I am just saddened or disappointed that those of my own faith see me in almost negative way for choosing the right.  On the flip side I know that there are several members who are striving to make good choices and are very supportive.  I am trying to seek out those people and become friends with those who are loving, kind, and supportive, and encourage others to do the same.
Let your light shine bright before men...by letting your light shine you are allowing others light to shine as well.  Stand firm. Stand strong. Be immovable.

Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm single, not dying, and enjoying life.

I've had some interesting experiences lately.  I recently switched my records to a single adult ward age range 31-45.  I felt good about the change and still do, but I don't think I really understood nor do I yet understand the world of mid singles.  I have never been married and have no children.  This seems to be the minority in this scene.  There are a few but not many.  So with that said.  I don't know what it's like to be married have children and be divorced.  I went to a mid singles New Year's Eve shin dig and was pretty appalled at everyone's moral standards.  I had been to a few things a few years back and remember having the same reaction.  I was invited to play flag football with them and there was talk of going clubbing drinking and other scandalous activities.  I never went and decided this wasn't the crowd of people I wanted to hang around with.  I don't know why I thought it would be different this go around for New Year's Eve.  It was a little different.  I didn't hear about the drinking but people were hooking up left and right.  Not my style.  Lucky for me I have been dating someone so it made me thankful that we were not involved in this whole game.  I listened to story after story of why people got divorced and advice from all of them.  I walked away from this situation personally committed to do my part and my very best to make a marriage work.  I hope I never have to go through what they have been through.  However I observed some of them and felt sorry that they had forgotten who they were and who they were accountable to.  They came solely for self gratification and selfish purposes.  I am probably just on a kick because I gave a talk on president Bensen's talk, 'Beware of Pride'. Which is hypocritical I realize.  Just by writing this.  But the main point is:  If we focus on being more Christlike we will automatically look outward and serve and love those around us.  Things will fall in or out of place as we put God first in our lives and sometimes we need a reminder of this.  So all though this post may seem hypocritical it is mostly a reminder for me to Love others despite their shortcomings and failures because we all have them.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The ride of a lifetime!

I haven't blogged for a while.  So here it goes!  Soccer season was fast and furious and over.  The girls did a great job this year.  Usually after that things slow down but it has been suprisingly busy with lots of things.  Kim moved in.  I have played soccer with Kim for several years.  Great person.  She is helping me to eat healthier and giving me lots of ideas of things to eat that are still good.  This last week has been a bit of a crazy week.  Tuesday I think it was she was having a hard day.  To make a long story short I was told by an RN she needed to go to the ER but that she was refusing because she didn't want to be checked in and stay over night because she had to work so the next option was to take her to the urgent care to try to get a different prescription for her.  (Leaving her alone was not an option the nurse demanded).  We did that and she saw a therapist the next day and things seem a little better.  The mind is such an odd thing to me.  I don't understand it but I am glad there are options and things available to help people.  I feel like such the wrong person to help in these types of situations because I never know what to say or do.  So in short I am glad she is doing better.  This weekend I had a blast snowboarding!  We went all out for Kim's Birthday.  Stayed at the lodge and Roger who I also play soccer with suprised Kim on the ski hill.  At the end of the day we were leaving and Roger was kind enough to take us the short distance to the lodge.  However his small car struggled to get up a small hill so we grabbed our stuff and parted ways.  Come to find out just a few minutes after dropping us off, as he was turning a corner he saw one car off the rode and another in his lane stopped to help.  So he slammed on the brakes and swerved into the oncoming traffic lane and somehow ended up rolling his car off the mountain!  Windows shattered, and a tree branch went through the back window and his car was upside down.   (Just feet away was a river that was 4ft deep that he could have easily drowned in.)He said he wasn't sure how he was going to get out and kept hoping it wouldn't explode, but a lady who was the original one off the side of the road in flip flops ran through the snow and was able to get his door open.  He walked away from the car unharmed!  What a miracle!  His car was totaled but as far as I could tell he didn't even have a scratch on him.  After everything was said and done he ended up in cedar city for the night.  He also had no cell phone reception to reach us at the lodge and let us know what was going on.  We picked him up today and took him back to Vegas and I am sure he has a lot to do to get everything sorted out with insurance ect.  It was crazy to hear him tell his story and to know how lucky and blessed he was to walk away from that situation.  We dropped him off and he gave us all a hug.  A simple hug but one that I think all of us cherished just a little bit more knowing that Roger cheated death last night and had some angels watching and protecting him.  Wow what a crazy adventure life is!